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Workplace Chaplaincy in Derbyshire (WCD)

An Ecumenical Partnership


1. Name

The Partnership will be known as WORKPLACE CHAPLAINCY IN DERBYSHIRE (WCD) and will refer to Workplace chaplaincy when appropriate.

2. Objects

3. Purpose

4. Definitions

Church Leaders means:

Local Ecumenical Partnership means a Partnership as defined with effect from the 1 June 1995 by the Churches through the Group for Local Unity of Churches Together in England.

Sponsoring Body means Churches Together in Derbyshire.

Council means the governing body of the Partnership.

Principal Chaplain means a minister appointed to serve within the Partnership on a full time post or part time post which is funded through the Partnership budget and accountable to the Council.

5. Task

  1. To be of service to all sectors of employment, to encourage and to listen.
  2. To discern, reflect and disseminate an understanding of the economy in the light of Christian discipleship.
  3. To accredit clergy and authorised laity on behalf of the member Churches to visit and minister to individual workplaces. To make such Appointments in conjunction with employers.
  4. To help Parishes/congregations to make the link between faith & work.

6. Partnership

WORKPLACE CHAPLAINCY IN DERBYSHIRE will be an Intermediate Ecumenical Partnership and the Participating Churches will be those who have assented to the Covenant namely:-

7. Sponsoring Body

The Partnership will serve the County of Derbyshire and shall be given oversight and support by the Sponsoring Body. The Partnership will be accountable to the Participating Churches/ denominations through the Sponsoring Body. The Partnership shall appoint a link person through whom liaison will be maintained. An Annual Report shall be made to the sponsoring Body and to the participating Churches.

The Partnership shall work in accordance with the Covenant of the Church Leaders of Derbyshire.

8. Council

  1. The affairs of the Partnership shall be managed by a council which shall comprise

    1. Officers:

      • Chairman
      • Vice chairman
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • The link person with the Sponsoring Body

      The Nomination of the Chairman shall be with the consent and endorsement of the Chairperson of the Sponsoring Body and the Church Leaders.

      Officers who shall serve for 4 years after election

      The Council may co-opt if a vacancy arises in the period between Annual Meetings.

      The Church Leaders of the Sponsoring Body shall be the Presidents of the Partnership

    2. A Minimum of 16 members and a maximum of 30 members as follows:

      • One member nominated by each of the Presidents on behalf of their denomination (totals 5) as represented on the Sponsoring Body.
      • One Member nominated by the Sponsoring Body.
      • One member nominated by the Dean of Derby on behalf of Derby Cathedral.
      • The Convenor of such local Groups as may be formed by the Committee
      • One Non - Stipendiary Minster
      • Four Members nominated by Employers representing distinct geographical Areas of the County
      • Two members nominated by the Federation of Derbyshire Trades Councils
      • One member nominated by the Chief Constable of Derbyshire.

        Members shall serve for three years following election but shall be eligible for re-election

  2. The Council shall be responsible for

    1. Promoting and developing the work of the Partnership
    2. Maintaining relationships with the Sponsoring Body and the member Churches
    3. Publishing, monitoring and reviewing a strategy for the Partnership
    4. Sponsoring training, courses and events in furtherance of the objects purpose and task of the Partnership.
    5. Accrediting ordained and lay persons to fulfil workplace chaplaincies in collaboration with employers.
    6. Appointing a team of Advisors to guide and reflect on the theological issues related to work and faith
    7. Developing relationships with Industry, Business and Commerce
    8. Approving targets standards and activities in furtherance of the task of the Partnership
    9. Secure funding from the Participating churches
    10. Publish a newsletter and other literature as may be appropriate.
  3. The Council may set up a scheme for individual membership and/or sponsorship of the Scheme.

  4. The Council shall meet at least twice every year.

  5. The Council shall be quorate if at least one third of the members are present.

9. The Management Committee

  1. The Management Committee shall comprise the Officers and up to two further members of Council.
  2. The Management Committee shall be responsible for such tasks as may be delegated to it by the Council and shall
    1. Appoint such Senior/Principal chaplains and other staff as may be funded by the Member Churches in collaboration and subject to the consent of the Leaders of the employing Church or Churches.
    2. Enter into written Agreements with Employers on behalf of the Council for the deployment of chaplains within workplaces.
    3. Manage the accreditation training and appointment of chaplains to workplaces.
    4. Propose a Budget for each financial year and approve and monitor expenditure.
    5. Set up such Liaison Groups as may be appropriate from time to time
  3. The Chairman of the Partnership shall chair the Management Committee and shall
    1. Maintain liaison with the Derbyshire Constabulary and secure the appointment by the Chief Constable of accredited chaplains within the Constabulary.
    2. Report to the Church Leaders from time to time
    3. Ensure that the Management Committee and Council meet on a regular basis and that all business is conducted in a satisfactory manner.
    4. Report to the Council on behalf of the Management Committee
    5. Review on a regular basis the work of the Senior Chaplains.

10. Principal Chaplains

shall be accountable to the Chairman of the Council for the development of the chaplaincy and to undertake

  1. chaplaincy at places of employment
  2. the recruitment, training, supervision and support of ordained and lay chaplains.
  3. the establishment of chaplaincies at places of employment
  4. the training and support for such ministers
  5. a programmes of support activities for local churches
  6. briefings for Church Leaders and others
  7. to engage with local worshipping congregations, Churches Together and other church bodies.

Principal chaplains shall attend and report to meetings of the Council and Committee.

11. Appointments

  1. The appointments of any Principal Chaplains shall be made by the Management Committee in collaboration with the employing Church and as appropriate the denomination under whose authority the appointee is a minister, and also in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Sponsoring Body.
  2. The appointment of Associate Chaplains shall be authorised by the Council and where appropriate in conjunction with the management and workforce of the workplace where the chaplain exercises pastoral care.
  3. All appointments shall be subject to the consent of the denomination of the appointee and to consultation with the Partner Churches in the Partnership.
  4. All chaplaincy shall be subject to a written authorisation and where appropriate written agreement with a workplace

12. Funding

The Derby Diocesan Board of Finance shall be responsible for the administration of funds.

13. Affiliations

The Partnership shall affiliate to

and such other bodies as may be appropriate from time to time.

14. Wider Participation

Other Churches in the County served by the Partnership may negotiate for participation in the Partnership, subject to the agreement of appropriate denominational authorities and the Sponsoring Body.

15. Review

The Sponsoring Body shall ensure that every seven years or sooner, the Partnership shall be evaluated with reference to its objectives set out in the Declaration of Intent and the Constitution.

16. Meetings

An annual General Meeting shall be held which is open to all members of the Churches in membership of the Sponsoring Body, Church leaders or their appointees, all members of liaison groups, and accredited chaplains, all of whom shall have voting rights.

An extraordinary general meeting of the Council may be called.

  1. By request of 8 members of the Council of the Partnership.
  2. By request of Churches Together in Derbyshire in the event that the Council of the Partnership has failed to meet.

17. Amendments to the Constitution

May only be made by the Council at a general meeting called for that purpose, subject to the approval as appropriate by the Participating Churches and the Sponsoring Body.

18. Termination

The Partnership shall only be terminated with the approval of the appropriate governing bodies of the denominational authorities and the Sponsoring Body.


Workplace Chaplaincy in Derbyshire Constitution
(Revised August 2011)